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Apply for Funding

Funding is available to charitable organisations.

We do not accept applications for funding from individuals or commercial organisations.

We accept applications for funding from charitable organisations for projects aimed at alleviating fuel poverty.  Applications are particularly welcome from charities who work with children, young people and families.

Charitable organisations can apply for funding to support projects in the following categories:

Energy Efficiency Advice - It is a condition of funding that all projects include the provision of energy efficiency advice. Energy advisors should be trained to City and Guilds standard.

Energy Efficiency Measures – improving home energy efficiency through draught proofing, insulating and or other practical measures.

Income Maximisation – providing funding to front line charities who carry out benefits advice to households missing out on financial help that they are entitled to through welfare benefits and tax credits.

Fuel Debt Assistance - Providing assistance, or funding the provision by other persons of assistance, to reduce or cancel debts for household electricity or gas supply, where such assistance is provided as part of a package of measures aimed at providing customers with long-term relief from fuel poverty.

Or any combination of the above.  Priority will be given to projects aimed at helping families with young children and young people.

Please note that all projects must address fuel poverty explicitly and as the primary purpose (not just as an add on).

We do not provide funding FOR fines, loans or outstanding balances on catalogue or credit card accounts.

The ScottishPower Energy People Trust will award funding at levels appropriate to the type of project and the number of people to be helped, from small sums up to a maximum of £50,000.

Projects may be funded for a maximum of one year, but the maximum amount of £50,000 applies, regardless of the timescale of the project.

We provide funding on the condition that overheads or administration costs associated with a project do not exceed 12.5% of the total funding requested. However, the Trustees may make an exception to this condition in special circumstances, where a valid reason is provided. 

All projects must address fuel poverty explicitly. Tackling fuel poverty must be the primary purpose of the project (not just as an add on).

Project applications must identify how the outcomes and outputs of a project will reduce fuel poverty and how a project will meet the trust objectives

Each application should demonstrate how many people will be helped as a direct result of the project.

Please note that we will only accept one application per organisation at each Trustee’s meeting. 

All applicants should create a link to their Organisation's latest annual audited accounts and confirm any previous applications to the Trust. This information should be updated in the Project Controls section of the application.

Charity registration number must be included in application,  if not it will be rejected.

You can apply for funding online. Completed applications should be submitted online before the application deadline for each Trustees' meeting (see details below). 

Trustees' meeting dates for 2017 Applications deadline - 7 weeks prior to Trustees' meeting

15 March 2017

25 January 2017

12 July 2017

24 May 2017


Please note: At present the Trust is unable to accept any more applications. Please check back later for updates.

You need to submit a fully completed application form. This should include a clear breakdown of costs and specific objectives and targets. You should also send us a copy of your most recent annual audited accounts.

You must include your charity registration number.