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Next Steps

What happens next?

The dates, the Trustees will meet to consider applications for funding in 2016, are Tuesday 1 March 2016, Wednesday 13 July 2016 and Wednesday 9 November 2016. 

Applications undergo initial screening to be checked for eligibility and completeness before they are submitted to the Trustees’ meeting for consideration. A maximum of 30 fully completed applications will be presented to the Trustees at any one meeting – applications are considered on a “first come, first served basis”. Any eligible and complete applications not dealt with will be carried forward to the next meeting.

Initial Screening

A member of the administration team will check that your application is complete.  If it is incomplete we will advise you accordingly.

Incomplete applications may not be submitted to Trustees and organisations therefore run the risk of missing the deadline for Trustees meeting.

It is your responsibility to submit a complete application.  Please remember to include accounts, charity registration number and fuel poverty targets.

How we assess applications

Each application is assessed against the aims of the Trust. The Trustees then consider the applications and decide which projects will be awarded funding, based on priority and the availability of funds. The Trustees’ Decision is final.

It is a condition of funding that all projects include the provision of energy efficiency advice. Energy advisors should be trained to City and Guilds standard.

Successful applications

If your application for funding is successful, we will contact you within two weeks of the Trustees' Meeting and tell you about any specific conditions attached to the award.

To claim funding, you must provide us with written confirmation that your project is going ahead on the same basis that was detailed in your application and your acceptance of any conditions detailed in your funding approval letter.

All written correspondence should be sent to:
The ScottishPower Energy People Trust
ScottishPower New Headquarters
320 St Vincent Street
G2 5AD

Trust Recognition

Unless otherwise stated The ScottishPower Energy People Trust must be acknowledged as a source of funding in any publicity surrounding successful projects. The Trust retain the right to mention successful applicants and details of their projects for PR purposes

Payment of funds awarded

To encourage transparency and responsible reporting, the Trust retains 10% of the grant until we receive a satisfactory report on completion of the project.

An interim report should be submitted at six monthly intervals from the confirmed project start date.

Please note that we undertake to monitoring 10% of all projects funded.  We will advise you in advance if we wish to visit your organisation. 

Below is an example of a report. It identifies project objectives and status in achieving those objectives e.g. number of fuel poor people supported, number of workshops completed, £ amount of fuel debt reduced or cancelled, with the aim to evidence a reduction in fuel poverty. 

Any objective not met should also be identified with a proposal to resolve.

Funding Release Report

When submitting a bi-annual report, please submit 1 or 2 client surveys or income and expenditure forms in relation to each activity evidencing that the person supported is suffering from fuel poverty.

Please also forward copies of any internal reports, advertising campaigns and photographs in relation to your project.


Project Organisation funding and duration: -
Project Title
Date Project Approved
Total Amount Approved
Date Project Started

Value for Money (amt £ released and no of people helped)
1st 6 months

Last 6 months

% spent on admin (including overheads and management costs)
1st 6 months

Last 6 months

Project Summary (please provide a brief summary, taken from the project description, as noted in the application): -

 Example of Project Objectives/Targets: -

Project Objective Expected  Target  Quarterly  Achieved

Expected number of fuel poor individuals & households to be supported


Of the x fuel poor individuals/x households supported, please advise how many were:-
o Low income – under £8,000pa
o Low income - £8,001-£12,000 pa
o Low income - £12,001-£16,000 pa

Or if individuals have another vulnerability other than income please note how many individuals/households fall within each category  
e.g. Disabled, Retired, Unemployed


Energy Efficiency Advice

Please forward samples of leaflets


Benefits Health Checks given

£ gained


Fuel Debt Assistance

£ supported


Energy Efficiency Measures

•Number & description of measures installed
•Perceived energy savings to be achieved

Advisor training •Where & when
•Nos trained
•Outcome of training e.g. City & Guilds Level 3
•Please provide copies of training evaluation sheet
Local Community Events    

Pending applications

From time to time the Trustees may be inclined to support a project but feel they require more information before they can make a decision on funding. In this case we will let you know what additional information needs to be provided to enable a decision to be made at the next meeting.

Late applications

If your application, or any additional information we ask you to provide, is received after the deadline for a forthcoming Trustees' meeting, your application will be carried forward for consideration at the following Trustees' Meeting.

Unsuccessful applications

If your application for funding is unsuccessful, we will write to you within two weeks of the Trustees' Meeting and let you know. You may wish to contact another funding body for help, or you can re-apply to the Trust after six months.

Can organisations re-apply for funding?

Organisations that have successfully secured funding for a project from the Trust cannot reapply to the Trust for further funding until six months after the initial funding has expired, or on completion of the project – whichever happens first.

Please Note: At present the Trust is unable to accept any more applications. Please check back for updates.

Equal Opportunities Statement

The Trust is committed to promoting equal opportunities through the funding we provide. We want to ensure projects that receive funding from us help people regardless of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, national origin or disability. This applies to the planning and implementation, management and staffing, and the outcomes of the work.