Bid to Improve Energy Efficiency in Dun

A project in Dundee is to benefit from funding of over £27,000, to help create awareness in energy efficiency in attempt to eradicate fuel poverty.

Claverhouse Group is using the funding, provided by the ScottishPower Energy People Trust, to convert two offices within their existing area, into an exclusive training centre modeled on a typical domestic flat, where all appliances will be attached to meters which will highlight power usage.

The project, named Home Energy Efficiency Centre, is looking to assist 300 individuals within the Dundee area, who are enrolled on a training and employment initiative under New Deal.

Situated in Dundee, Claverhouse Group is a voluntary sector organisation with the aim of providing services which are of benefit to the community.  With charitable status, the company is not-for-profit and works mainly with unemployed adults and other groups including low income households.  In the last 10 years the company has helped over 5,000 people secure employment.

Clients of Claverhouse, who are in receipt of benefits and have been identified as being ‘fuel poor’, where more than 10% of their income is spent on heating their homes, will be able to access this new training centre and seek advice on energy efficiency.

Part of the funding provided by the ScottishPower Energy People Trust will also be used to employ a training and development officer who will be able to assist clients in the new centre.

Alastair Cameron, joint chief executive of Claverhouse Group, said:

“We are delighted with the funding provided by the ScottishPower Energy People Trust as it’s allowing us to develop a brand new training centre, which will help to create awareness of how to be efficient with energy.

“We plan on offering advice and practical help in energy efficiency, which will be incorporated into the client’s training plan as part of our broad strategy and remit to change lifestyles and address poverty.”

The ScottishPower Energy People Trust is a charity administered by, but making decisions independently of, ScottishPower.  The Trustees include representatives from Energy Action Scotland, National Energy Action and Glasgow University Urban Studies. 
The Trust has now assisted 57 organisations and has awarded over £2.17m to projects helping over 56,000 households.

Ann Loughrey, ScottishPower’s Head of External Business and Community Relations and The Energy People Trust’s Company Secretary, said:

“Many people are unsure how to save energy and don’t necessarily realise that some measures, such as using a 40°C washing machine cycle rather than a 60°C cycle means you use a third less electricity.

“With the funding provided by The Trust, Claverhouse Group will now be able to offer helpful advice on how to save energy, therefore helping to eradicate fuel poverty in the long run.”

For information on The ScottishPower Energy People Trust visit

For information on Claverhouse Group and the Home Energy Efficiency Centre, contact Alastair Cameron,, 01382 828828

Monday, July 06, 2009