Dundee's Homeless Given New Lease of Life

A funding boost from the ScottishPower Energy People Trust helped Starter Packs Dundee give nearly 900 homeless people in the area a new lease of life.

The organisation was the first in the UK to receive funding from the £3million Trust which was established in November 2005.

The funding allowed Starter Packs Dundee to distribute vital packs of household goods and bedding plus 750 pairs of curtains to help some of the city's most vulnerable set up home in their new house or flat.

And a year down the line The ScottishPower Energy People Trust has helped again by donating 250 Carbon Monoxide Detectors to the organisation.

The donation was made during Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week (beginning December 4th) and was made possible through a scheme entirely funded by ScottishPower customers.

Ann Loughrey, ScottishPower's Head of External Business and Community Relations and The ScottishPower Energy People Trust's Company Secretary said:

"We are delighted to have been able to assist this project. It's made a substantial difference to vulnerable families and young people across Dundee.

"The Carbon Monoxide Detectors can provide an additional reassurance to families knowing that any potentially lethal gases can be detected and they will be safe in their own home."

"The funding provided has allowed the project's volunteers to assist families and young people through the transition from being on the streets or in hostels or other temporary accommodation to having a home of their own."

Starter Packs Dundee was established six years ago to provide a package of essential items for people who have been homeless and who are moving into a new home. The packs - which are tailored according to the individual's, needs include kettles, energy saving light bulbs, toilet paper, bedding, saucepans, curtains and cutlery.

Thursday, December 08, 2005