Families and Young People to Benefit from Advice on how to Keep Warm

Over 2,000 families and young people across Swindon Borough are set to benefit from advice on fuel poverty, thanks to an exciting new project from Wiltshire Wildlife Trust with funding from ScottishPower Energy People Trust and the Borough Council.


A grant of £90,000 was donated to Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, resulting in Swindon now having a dedicated Energy Project Officer working to tackle fuel poverty and climate change.


The ScottishPower Energy People Trust, which is a charity administered by, but making decisions independently of ScottishPower, provided the grant towards the Swindon Energy Project.


Ann Loughrey, ScottishPower’s Head of External Business and Community Relations and The Energy People Trust’s Company Secretary, said:


“The money donated to this project will allow a full-time committed worker to offer advice and help to those living in fuel poverty. This is the most effective option as this individual will be able to speak directly to those in need of assistance.


”The overall aim of this project is to improve the energy efficiency of homes and reduce the proportion of household income spent on fuel in the Swindon area.


“Fuel poverty affects over 4 million people in the UK so any assistance we can provide through this project is vital”


Stepping into this important new role will be Lucy Rees, who is employed by the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust but will be based in the Swindon Borough Council offices.


Lucy said:


“I’m really excited to be taking on this challenging role. The Swindon Energy Project highlights the important link between the work both organisations are doing to tackle fuel poverty and climate change, and will deliver real changes to those who are most in need.


“The term fuel poverty applies to households which have to spend more than 10% of their income heating their home. Research shows that young families and individuals make up almost a quarter of this group.


“The Swindon Energy Project presents a great opportunity to advise young people on how to improve their home environment, save money and at the same time help prevent climate change by adopting energy-saving measures and behaviours.


“I plan to be very visible within the community, giving talks and training people on how to save energy. I will also be promoting the free phone advice service available to all householders through the Wiltshire Energy Efficiency Advice Centre, based at the Trust.“


To find out more information on the Swindon Energy Project, please contact Lucy on (01793) 463 679.


To receive free, impartial advice on energy efficiency, please call the free phone number – 0800 512 012 - for more information. The phone line is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.


For information on The ScottishPower Energy People Trust visit www.energypeopletrust.co.uk.


Monday, July 06, 2009