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G.HEAT Changing The Lives Of Glasgow Residents

G.HEAT, Glasgow Home Energy Advice Team, is helping to change the lives of families and households in Glasgow with assistance from The ScottishPower Energy People Trust.

The project, managed by the Wise Group, with funding from The ScottishPower Energy People Trust and working in partnership with Glasgow City Council received a £100,000 grant from the Trust in September 2009 to help alleviate fuel poverty in the city. 

Funding enables G.HEAT to provide face to face advice to vulnerable residents in fuel poverty.  Information covers a variety of areas including energy billing, obtaining the best tariffs, benefits health check and providing advice on the best use of energy in the home.  The project expects to support up to 27,000 fuel poor people in Glasgow over a three year period.

Raymond Jack, ScottishPower’s Director of Energy Retail, visited the project to find out how successful it has been so far.

Raymond said: “It’s always great to visit projects and see first hand the good work they are carrying out with help from our funding.  It gives an informative view of how we are helping members of the community and enables us to direct funds to areas in which we can help the most.

“Projects such as this one are invaluable in providing assistance to those who need it most and can only be a good thing.

“The team at G.Heat are doing a fantastic job and putting a lot of effort and hard work into the project to help change the lives of many people living in Glasgow for the better.“

Billy Sloan, Assistant Director of Delivery at the Wise Group, said: “G.Heat has been a great success so far.  We’ve already visited over 400 homes and helped reduce people’s fuel bills as well as providing energy advice.

“We are very grateful to the ScottishPower Energy People Trust as funding given to G.Heat enables us to help a range and greater number of people than we would have otherwise been able to reach.”

Baillie Liz Cameron, Glasgow City Council’s Executive Member for Development and Regeneration, said: “Our objectives are to help households reduce their fuel bills and to enable them to make more efficient use of money they spend on fuel, and where practicable lift them out of fuel poverty.  We’re already making a difference to the lives of a number of people in Glasgow and aiming to help many others over the duration of this project.”

As part of the project, staff from G.Heat linked up with ScottishPower’s Customer Liaison Manager to give the project’s trained energy efficiency advisers an understanding of how ScottishPower support vulnerable customers.

Fuel poverty exists where a householder has to pay more than 10% of their disposable income on energy for the home.  It is estimated that over 100,000 households in Glasgow currently have to pay more than 10% of their net income to keep their homes warm, with around 35,000 households paying more than 20%.

Thursday, September 02, 2010