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Low income families helped by ScottishPower Energy People Trust funded initiative.                   East-London charity, the Limehouse Project has announced that it has helped hundreds of low-income families in Tower Hamlets increase their income by £106,653.70, over the past year .*Limehouse Project was established to alleviate the difficulties of the most disadvantaged members of the local community, with a special focus on women, lone parent families and those for who English is not a first language. Its energy advice initiative, “Switching off Poverty”, kicked-off in May 2015, in a bid to help these groups develop long-term energy and monetary savings in the home. Its work was made possible thanks to a £34,593 funding boost from the ScottishPower Energy People Trust.

This funding was utilised by the project to help households in Tower Hamlets actively track their household energy costs, maximise their incomes and become self-sufficient in making energy savings for the future. The project has made a real impact over the past year, with 340 at-risk families benefiting from the expertise of its staff and volunteers.

Ann Loughrey, Company Secretary and Trustee of the ScottishPower Energy People Trust, said: “The Limehouse Project is known in East-London for the incredible work it does to help vulnerable households and support families with young children.  Thanks to funding from the Trust, the team there has been able to expand their services to provide specialist financial and energy advice. We are pleased to support this extremely worthwhile project and it’s encouraging to see such great results.”

Farida Yesmin, director, Limehouse Project, said: ‘This has been a hugely successful project. Thanks to the funding from the ScottishPower Energy People Trust we were able to assist 340 clients, which is thirty per cent more than our original target. We have found this project is incredibly effective for those who are lone parents, living on low incomes or suffering from long term health issues.”

* The “Switching off Poverty” project has helped people in East London save £106,653.70 through a combination of access to unclaimed benefits (£48,237.70); fuel debt assistance (£37,631) and energy efficiency measures (projected £20,785).

Monday, June 20, 2016