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Families in the West Midlands with disabled children are being helped to make their homes more energy efficient as part of a ground-breaking new project. The ‘Turning up the heat: Keeping down the costs’ project has been launched with the support of the ScottishPower Energy People Trust which has provided £38,000 of funding which will help 1000 fuel poor families.

A survey carried out by the UK charity Contact A Family, which runs the project, recently found that one in five families with a disabled child go without heating and the project aims to address this. 

Dedicated energy advisors will provide advice and support to families, helping them manage their finances and identify ways of increasing their household income. Advisors will help families understand exactly what they are entitled to, including grants to help with the purchasing of up-to-date and energy efficient equipment for their homes. 

 Energy advisors will attend a series of planned events across the region over the next few months to inform people about the project. Practical tips and solutions to help families save energy have been developed which can make such a difference to the quality of life.

Ann Loughrey, Company Secretary and Trustee of the ScottishPower Energy People Trust, said: “Simple tips on how to make a home more energy efficient can have a huge impact on heat levels in a home. The ScottishPower Energy People Trust recognises the invaluable work that projects like this provide. I know that the dedicated project team will continue to make a huge difference to the families in the area.” 

Jan Eastwood, Contact a Family West Midlands Manager said: “Fuel poverty can be a particular issue for families with disabled children. They are more likely to be at home for longer periods of time and some disabilities and medical conditions worsen in the cold weather which means families must have the heating on for long periods to prevent their child becoming ill.

“However, thanks to the money provided by the ScottishPower Energy People Trust, we can give families in the West Midlands information to put practical solutions in place and make their homes more energy efficient.”

Tuesday, January 29, 2013